Tiktok vs google

Let’s see… restaurants. I want to see

see something here, restaurants near me, right restaurants near me.

I’m going to go over to TikTok, and I’m going

to do the restaurants near me, first thing

that pops up. So now I’m going to do a

Sarasota Florida. Here’s what I get from Sarasota Florida.

So This is boring.

This is boring, right? Let’s go to TikTok search.

This is why TikTok is growing. Restaurants

Sarasota, Florida. Look at the search results.

Look at this. How more interactive? If you’re

looking for a restaurant, you want to check it out.

See it in action. Look at this, come on, come on.

Look at Google. Is going to start pushing video

search results and what is the tool that they

love? I’m going to go there right now,

right now.

It’s YouTube, folks. YouTube is the tool. For

video for them. They are going to start

pushing more YouTube video results within the search.

Why do you say that? Why they are they going to

host videos on here? Just like the Google it, I’m sorry.

Like, like TikTok is

Maybe maybe not but they will drive results

to YouTube because they make money off ads off of YouTube.

So somebody’s creating a video about the restaurant

whether it’s a profession shot video or hey

a video produced utilizing the Magnfi platform

by uploading a video platform, produces the video.

They’re going to push YouTube results. So have

your clients have an established YouTube channel is extremely.

Extremely important.

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